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Offering Envelopes are Back

Categories: Bible,Church,Events,Principles,Stories

After attending a Treasurer’s Workshop, Bill Heumann and Mark Ishii discovered that the IRS requires offerings be made using envelopes. The envelopes are considered to be a “Primary Source Document” and not copies of the original.

You can find your envelopes in the back of the Sanctuary in the wooden shelving on the wall. You will need to remove your box of envelopes and the pen from your shelf and write the current date and amount on the outside of the envelope. When finished, return the box of envelopes and pen to your shelf, so they will available to you on your next visit.

We had previously stopped using the envelopes due to lack of use by most of the parishioners and expense. However, the IRS requires that we collect and keep the envelopes for seven years. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Author: stmarks

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